Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Don't want to invest in costly hardware? Cloud mining is the best platform to start mining bitcoin instantly. It doesn't need any technical knowledge, info or worried about mining hardware. It's simple, sharing your hashing power and mine together with us as a group. By working together in the mining pool and sharing the rewards among all the contributors. You can get a steady income by joining our free cloud mining platform.

Yes, Codewavecryptoinvest has powerful affiliate program. Every free user can get up to a 5% referral bonus.

You can directly contact us via contact us page. Our highly qualified support team will answers you in short time. Or you can drom mail at

Sign up and add wallet address

Trading commission for all investors on our additional packages aside from our normal plans is payable by the investors (20%).

Multiple accounts are not allowed because of our internal user's policy. Only one account is allowed per user. Are you owning more than one account? It might result in free mining membership termination.

You can create a secure bitcoin wallet from

You can instantly withdraw your money.